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We aim high and our priority is the highest quality

Energe Co. located in Niepołomice has started to operate in 2003 from the very beginning focusing on expert range of construction engineering. Our common experience as a company consist of various professional experiences of our staff who gain their qualifications in many others companies.

From the very beginning of our activity we set as a main aim the constant development of the company and quality of our services. We provide services on the highest possible standard. We make efforts to provide services which suits best to our clients needs and possibilities. In our work we are not afraid of technical and business challenges because we believe in our broad experience and knowledge.

Our approach

We offer top quality services supplied in a professional manner by specialists demonstrating competency- based approach and having long standing experience.


Our main goal is to deliver service of the highest quality to our clients. Our projects are executed in a professional manner with special attention to details. The highest quality of our services are derived from the high technical knowledge and the experience of our employees.


We offer a complexity execution of entrusted works. Vast range of services, starting from expert appraisal to technical evaluation and design. The completion of the project will solidify the fact that we have saved our clients time, money and the need for there direct engagement.


Dynamic changes in the industrial market requires flexible action. Entrusted Projects are always executed with individual manner by offering solutions suitable directly to the requirements of our Clients both in category of time as well as functionality of our solutions.


Having in mind the solicitude for the quality of our services and satisfaction of our Clients, we provide a long-term guarantee for the entire works.


By offering high quality services and a long-term guarantee for executed works, we pay special attention to the competitiveness process. Our budgets are calculated to suit the expectations of our Clients.

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